Clarksburg TIF District

The Downtown Revitalization TIF District includes parts of various neighborhoods including the Central Business District Glen Elk District, and portions of Northview and Adamston, as well as adjacent residential and commercial properties. The purpose of the TIF District would be to eliminate blight in an aging portion of the City. 

The boundary for the TIF District begins at Pride Avenue in North View as the farthest north point; the end of Adams Avenue in Adamston as the farthest west point, the end of Monticello Avenue in Downtown, as the farthest south point and the end of Ohio Avenue in Montpelier as the farthest east point. The primary intersection streets throughout the enter district are: North 13th Street, West Pike Street, Milford Street, West Main Street, North 4th Street Bridge, Clark Street Bridge, Ohio Avenue and North Florence Street. 

The Downtown Redevelopment Project Plan is the result of a multi-year planning process with local businesses and citizens, with research, evaluation, studies, and collaboration producing a quality plan for the district. These plans include the redevelopment of certain commercial and residential areas within the City in an effort to attract “new urban” living and “smart growth” downtown opportunities. The deteriorating condition of certain parts of Glen Elk had become a hindrance to the overall desire to live and work in the City. The demolition of certain substandard residences, along with the construction/installation of new sidewalks, curbs and street repaving serve to compliment the overall goals of the City of Clarksburg will benefit from the elimination of and prevention of the spread of blighted and deteriorated areas, increasing employment opportunities and encouraging commerce, industry and citizens to remain and relocate to the area. In addition, the real property and citizens within the TIF District will benefit in the form of public improvements from funds to be generated and captured in the tax increment financing fund (the “TIF Fund”) over the 30-year life of the TIF District. 

The infrastructure and streetscape improvements and demolition projects, combined with the anticipated new development within the proposed TIF District will attract new businesses and residents to the City and provide new employment opportunities (in excess of the approximately $6.0 million of TIF funds expected to be invested in road and streetscape improvements within the City). The district was initially planned for improvements to include milling and paving of approximately 5 miles of existing roadways within the City, the construction/installation of approximately 9 miles of sidewalks and curbs and the demolition of dilapidated, substandard structures including; residential, commercial and fire burned structures. These structures will be in accordance with the International Code Council and International Property Maintenance Code Demolition Section 110 within the TIF District. 

The TIF Project: The City of Clarksburg proposes to develop/construct/install certain projects (the “TIF Projects”) within the TIF District, which TIF Projects may be acquired and constructed in several phases. The TIF Projects include the following public improvements: road and intersection improvements (including utility relocation, pedestrian ways (sidewalks), curbs, lighting, land and right-of-way acquisition, and related infrastructure), demolition and site preparation of approximately 30 substandard residences, and incidental costs and expenses relating to the construction and installation of such public infrastructure improvements and demolition projects, and other related public infrastructure (see Section II.C for more detailed information).