Business & Occupation Tax Credit

The City offers a 3 year tax credit to new businesses located in designated located in designated areas of the City. These areas include Downtown Clarksburg, Glen Elk, and the Business and Technology Center. Areas of the City zoned Industrial (I-2) and professional services businesses are eligible for a 2 year tax credit. The amount of the 3 year tax credit is 100% of the tax due in the first year of operation, 75% of the tax due in the second year of operation, and 50% of the tax due in the third year of operation. For Professional Service Businesses and businesses located in Industrial zones, the tax credit is offered for only a 2 year period, 50% in year one, and 25% in year two.

New Businesses

New businesses are required to submit a Tax Credit Application and an Owner’s Affidavit (DOC) to certify and attest that they will comply with the terms and provisions of the program as established by the Director of Finance.