Mayor of Clarksburg

Our Form of Government

Clarksburg operates under a council-manager form of government, where a professional city manager performs all the executive functions of municipal government.

Under the council-manager government system, the mayor is a first among equals on the city council, which acts as a legislative body while executive functions are performed by the appointed manager. The mayor chairs the city council but lacks any special legislative powers. The mayor and city council serve part-time, with day-to-day administration in the hands of a professional city manager

Currently, the mayor is nominated by city council members every two years, but beginning in 2026, citizens will get the chance to elect the mayor by ballot.

Request a Letter of Recognition or Proclamation from the Mayor:

Requests should be made at least 10 business days in advance of the date the document is needed. The Mayor’s Office may modify, edit, amend or deny any Proclamation, Certificate of Recognition, or Congratulatory Letter request and shall make the final determination whether the proclamation will be presented at a Council meeting, at an event, or mailed to the requester. An organization or event does not have exclusive rights to the day, week, or month of their proclamation. Presentations at Council meetings are limited to 5 minutes each and there will generally be no more than 2 presentations during a Council meeting.

All Letter of Recognition or Proclamation from the Mayor requests should be delivered to the City Clerk:

Annette Wright
City of Clarksburg City Clerk
222 West Main Street
Clarksburg, WV 26301

Jim Malfregeot

Clarksburg Mayor, Jim Malfregeot, appointed by City Council in 2023

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