Doing Business With the City

Sealed Competitive Bidding

Sealed Competitive Bidding is required in the case of:

  • Contracts for improvements costing $7,500
  • Purchase of supplies and materials costing $3,500
  • Purchase of equipment costing $5,000
  • Other contracts costing $5,000 (Exception-personal services contracts)

Exceptions to Sealed Bidding Requirement

  • Purchase of material, supplies, equipment or any contract for improvement from the State or it's agencies
  • Purchase of used equipment, supplies or material with the approval of the City Manager and Council or Board, Authority or Commission.


When a project is bid then:

  • It is advertised in the local newspaper approximately 2 weeks before the bid is due.
  • Copies of the plans, specifications and bidding documents can be obtained from the City or project engineer at a non-refundable payment as established by the city in the advertisement for bids.
  • A certified check or bank draft, payable to the City of Clarksburg or a satisfactory bid bond executed by the bidder and acceptance sureties in an amount equal to 5% of the total bid shall be submitted with the bid. The bid deposit shall be forfeited should the successful bidder fail to comply with the terms and conditions as set forth in the specifications and awards.
  • Provisions for equal employment opportunity and payment of not less than prevailing rates.
  • Bids must be clearly marked "Bid for the Name of the Project" and sent to the City Manager.
  • No bids shall be withdrawn for a minimum period of 30 days subsequent to the opening of the bid without the consent of the City of Clarksburg. The non-withdrawal period can be extended and the period is state in the bid plans and specifications.
  • The City reserves the right to reject any and all bids or any part thereof and to waive any informalities. It may re-advertise for all or any part of bids as it deems necessary in the best interest of the City.
  • All contractors and sub-contractors must obtain a City of Clarksburg construction license prior to commencement of work on the project.
  • City of Clarksburg local B and O taxes apply to the project that is equal to 2% of total final contract. It must be paid prior to or withheld from final payment.