Clarksburg WV


Come for a Stroll

We welcome you and your family to come for a stroll in Clarksburg Uptown.  With a rich past and unlimited future, Clarksburg Uptown is a great place for visitors and locals to come and enjoy a variety of eateries, clothing shops, and activities. Grab your coat and grab your hat, leave your worries on the doorstep, flip that frown upside down, and come join us in Clarksburg Uptown.    



Bailey's Pasteries

While our daily selection varies, we can make just about anything. 

Big Frank's BBQ

Come and enjoy pulled pork, sausage, chicken and more at Big Frank's.

Bluebird Store

Good food served cafeteria style.

Dagwood's Subs and Pizza

Cheesesteaks are very good!

The Fifth Floor

Stop by The Fifth Floor after work!

Kellys Irish Pub & Grill

Kelly’s Irish Pub & Grill, formerly PJ Kelly’s, offers a variety of beverages which will help to quench one’s thirst, after a hot day of entertainment in the sun.
Bar and Restaurant 
Hot Dog Joint
This restaurant, once located in Parsons, WV, attracted Clarksburg citizens for years.

 Located in downtown Clarksburg, Washington Square Pizzeria and Lounge specializes in Pizza, Hoagies, Salads and Wings. 

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Howe Cute

Thelma's Thrifties 

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