Clarksburg WV


Sanitary Board

  • City Manager - Martin Howe, Chairman
  • Mark Linville, Vice Chair
  • Joseph Spatafore, Secretary 
  • Thrasher Engineering - Board's Engineer
  • Frank Ferrari, Treasurer
  • Joyce Farmer, Recording Secretary 
  • Paul Lehosit, Super. of Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Anthony Bellotte, Super. of Public Works/Assistant City Manager
  • James Cann, Legal Counsel

The Sanitary Board shall be composed of such members as provided by Section 23 of the Charter.  The engineer member of the Sanitary Board need not be a resident of the City.  No officer or employee shall be eligible to appointment on the Sanitary Board until at least one year after the expiration of the term of his public office. (1969 Code Sec. 12-4)           

The Sanitary Board meets at 3:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of every month.