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Posted on: October 16, 2018

Clarksburg Police Department

police drive along

Clarksburg Police officers take the essential steps towards providing the best service to the Clarksburg community and its citizens. Recently, the opportunity was had by a member of the City of Clarksburg’s Marketing and Communications Dept., to take part in a ride along, with Sergeant Graeber and Probationary Patrolman Johnson, to help gather a better understanding of what takes place during an officer’s shift for developmental purposes.  

During the ride along the unit responded to a call of an attempted break-in of a home. The officers assessed the situation, spoke with the homeowner and explained the options she had for reporting this type of crime, the officer also answered questions she had in regards to her rights for protecting herself and her family and her home. All of the homeowner’s questions were answered by Sergeant Graeber and Probationary Patrolman Johnson, which she verbally expressed, leaving her feeling at ease, with a better understanding of her rights as a homeowner. Due to there being no person of interest for this attempted break-in or no hard evidence, which could have led officers to a person of interest, the homeowner only had the options of filing or not filing a report of the break-in with the CPD. 

While on patrol, each unit responds to an average of six (6) and ten (10) calls a shift, these calls do not include the paperwork, the traffic stops, and various other tasks an officer has to tend to while working a shift. The number of calls vary on a day to day basis.  Each call can last between 30 or 45 minutes but is determined by severity of the crime that has taken place.

The majority of the calls that are received by law enforcement lead to very little hard evidence, which leaves the officers with very little that they can do. If a crime is committed, then officers do their part, by citing or arresting the persons of interest. With the way State laws are currently written, most misdemeanor crimes do not lead to jail time and most offenders are back out on the streets within 45 minutes.

The Clarksburg Police Dept. is trying to stay on top of the homelessness and transient population to the extent of what the law allows. A property manager or owner must be the one to report people trespassing on private property, and once that complaint is made, then that allows law enforcement to handle the situation to the extent of the law. “It is prohibited to block or congest sidewalks”, explained Sergeant Graeber. Congestion or blocked sidewalks gives law enforcement the grounds to tell those loitering on public property they need to move on.

The Clarksburg Police Dept. works in conjunction with other agencies to combat crime in the area. Designated Clarksburg officers serve on the Greater Harrison County Drug Task Force with other law enforcement agencies, such as the Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept., City of Bridgeport, DEA, and ATF. The Clarksburg Police Dept. and the Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept. also teamed up to form the Community Action Team, also known as C.A.T, to rid the community of drug dealers while focusing on illicit activity, and better the relationships with the community. When a more serious crime takes place, the CPD will be assisted by the Sheriff’s Dept or the State Police, and when needed the CPD can be called out to assist the Sheriff’s Dept., which all falls under a mutual aid agreement.

A strong relationship with the community is imperative to the CPD. Having a strong relationship with the citizens allows the officers to have access to more information, and officers work off of information, so the more access to information, the better officers can operate. The Clarksburg Police Dept., has designated an officer specifically to Uptown Clarksburg and the Glen Elk area to have a familiarity with the businesses and the community within these areas. Having a BEAT cop in this area builds relationships with the community, but also allows the department to build a relationship with the less fortunate, and gain a better understanding of the situations at the present time. It also deters crime from taking place within such a heavily populated area.

The CPD also stays involved in the community by hosting a “Drug Take Back” twice a year, participating in “National Night Out”, volunteering at the Junior Police Academy, taking part in local job fairs, and has a designated officer to help with the installation and safety of car seats. Those in the community who can come to the Clarksburg Police Dept. and have their car seats properly installed by Sergeant Graeber, and he can inspect seats that have already been installed for proper installation and safety hazards.

For those who are interested in becoming a member of the Clarksburg Police Dept. continue to check Clarksburg City Hall’s website and Facebook page for available job opportunities.

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