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Posted on: October 29, 2019

Task Force on Public Safety 10-24-19 Meeting

Public Safety

City of Clarksburg Task Force on Public Safety

Thursday October 24, 2019

City Manager’s Conference Room

Meeting Start Time: 6:00pm


Wayne Worth__x__, Tracy Brady___x_, Jerry Riffle_x___, Shaun Jedju_x___, Chad Weaver____, Will Hyman__x__, John Joe Media__x__, Kyle Jenkins____, Megan Rowand_x___,

Shell Hoskinson__x__, Marissa Rexrode__x__

Opening statements by Chairman: Call to order. Discussion on impact of public safety in our community and charge by Clarksburg City council to create a taskforce to address the most impactful issues our citizens face. Further discussion included agenda and goals and purpose of choosing a diversified group to represent the taskforce. Housekeeping rules included limiting debates, if necessary, to no longer than 5 minutes, avoiding redundancy of discussions, and no limit on number of line items to address as long as that number does not exceed 20 issues. In the event 20 issues are exceeded, a vote will be required. Tonight’s meeting was introductory in nature, meeting #2 is to present ideas in expanded format not to exceed 5 minutes. Meetings 3 & 4 are intended to be working sessions, with meeting #5 to be intended as a cumulative conclusion of ideas and what final documents will be presented to Council.

Ideas and Recommendations by each Task Force Member (4 minutes):

Wayne Worth – 1) citywide employed case manager to address homelessness and addiction. 2) VIPS program implementation 3) Public works to designate 2 staff to regularly inspect condemned homes and consistently board homes to ensure a reduction in access.

Tracy Brady – 1) Establishing neighborhood action groups in each community to foster increased ownership and citizen monitoring of individual neighborhoods. NV Pride has an effective model. 2) implement case management in the city for non- mission supported homeless and addicted persons to facilitate treatment/ placement as needed, provide job/ housing assistance, and promote a return to productive citizenry.

Jerry Riffle – 1) increased community involvement in security via increased presence of personal cameras on property and establishing a city program to reimburse citizens for purchase of said devices. 2) Meet with new Chief of Police to ascertain plans for programs and accountability standards. 3) Implement and maintain K9 Unit

Shaun Jedju – 1) Community management via neighborhood watch groups 2) enforce homeowners/ businesses to maintain cleanliness of properties 3) VIPS Program

Chad Weaver – (not present)

Will Hyman – 1) Institute increased presence of cameras in the city and on personal property and facilitate reimbursement program for citizens who purchase devices. 2 ) VIPS Program 3) Establish neighborhood watch programs similar to NV Pride.

John Joe Media – 1) increase size of PD 2) Improve code enforcement 3) position cameras throughout the city 4) establish a PRO Program (police/ youth interactions) 5) enforcing helmet laws and bicycle safety 6) enforce loitering ordinances 7) real time identification of criminals and vagrants via fingerprint system in LEO vehicles 8) improved cleanliness of city parks 9) protect property values

Kyle Jenkins – 1) establish a rehab/ treatment facility in downtown to address addiction and homelessness. A stipulation for service provided being work performed by these persons under city tutelage. 2) Establish incentivization programs including tax credits and rent benefits to stimulate economic growth and to attract businesses to the region.

Megan Rowand – 1) increase size of PD and increase number of officers on each shift to 6. 2) VIPS Program 3) Community education on realistic data relating to amount of crime in city limits as well as clarification on job descriptions and key responsibilities of LEO when dealing with the community.

Shell Hoskinson – 1) VIPS program 2) reassessing local LEO duties to delegate elsewhere as needed to free up local officers to address issues in real time. 2) establish a holding cell in city limits due to the length of time required to transport offenders to NCRJ in Doddridge County and the impact a reduction in LEO during this frame can potential impact citizens.

Marissa Rexrode – 1) establish case management for general homeless/ addicted/ mentally ill population outside of the Mission. 2) Provide education to LEO to learn to address citizens who suffer from mental illness for more effective outcomes and establish a more cohesive network to address mental health deficits as well as addiction.

Questions and Comments from Task Force and Public (15 minutes total): 

Taskforce Member Comments:


  • create or utilize and existing APP for reporting road conditions and crime in real time. 2) Increased community education on resource utilization and clear delineation of LEO responsibilities. 3) Improve community morale 4) improving interaction with LEO and citizens 5) increased networking via cameras and security 6) enforce trespassing and loitering code 7) install license plate readers

Public Comments:

  • Eric Malcomb- expressed concern over drug paraphernalia currently being sold in several local gas stations and convenience stores. Eric expressed agreement with taskforce position on establishing neighborhood groups throughout city, increasing police force, and establishing a city sponsored case management position to address homelessness and addiction.
  • Michael Isola (sp?)- concerns over abandoned/ condemned homes and increased vehicle and pedestrian traffic on Loundes hill and park. Michael reports increased squatting, camping in region and ineffectiveness of LEO in addressing issues concerning the home owners. Michael would like to see the city provide increased lighting in the colonial height’s neighborhood. Michael also inquired about the mission policy on admitting persons under the influence. Marissa Rexrode, Asst. Mission Director addressed the admitting process as well as metal hygiene protocol.
  • Shirley Sheets and Cathy Powells- expressed concern over safety of renters and rental properties as well as school safety. Both citizens expressed they own RING doorbell systems and agree that a reimbursement to citizens may increased safety within neighborhoods.

Adjourn (time): 720pm

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